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Table of Contents

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Late 1800s and Early 1900s

Section 1 — Favorites                                                   

19th Century Regions (Call & Response)  

Innovation Timeline (Puzzle)

Progressive Era (Creative Writing)

Immigration (Classroom Activity)


Section 2 — Information Overload

Advertisements of the Late 19th Century

Innovation & Reform

Women’s Movement


Section 3 — Pocket Activities   


Big Business

Thomas Edison

A Little Humor (Jokes)


Section 4 — Language Arts Integration   

A Couple of Great Quotations

Building Modern America

The Cow Did It!

Front Page News


Section 5 — Printouts, Puzzles, & Games    

Late 1800s/ Early 1900s (Crossword)

Immigration (Tiles)


Section 6 — 3-D Templates   

New Technology (Hands-on Study Sheet)



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